Verse Vernacular

Com = a long-range walkie-talkie.

The Core = the most central star in the galaxy and the five terraformed, habitable worlds orbiting it. Home to the wealthy and powerful, base of the Federation.

The Federation = the galaxy's government

Hades = a planet orbiting the sun closest to the Core. Home of the wraiths. Destroyed by humans. Its debris are known as the Killing Fields.

The Killing Fields = A field of asteroids orbiting the sun closest to the Core. All that's left of the planet Hades. 

Mimik = a shape-shifting, intelligent species from 

'Origin' = anything Earth-related

The Rim = the mostly unexplored outer reaches of the galaxy. 
Officially under Federal rule, the terraformed rim planets are left mostly to self-governing because the Federation's reach isn't quite so long, yet. Often, the living conditions are harsh and crime abounds. Might means right. This is where society's refugees wash up.

Verse = short for universe

Wraiths = an intelligent humanoid species from Hades. 
Brutal, hard to kill, like the taste of human flesh. Presumed extinct.

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